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Sales & Marketing Essential
Sales & Marketing Essential
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On Demand TableVisualize the main HUB indicators and their evolution over different types of periods
On Demand Analysis
On Demand Evolution
SUMMARYAll the characteristics of your application are available in this module
Price evolutionView your prices in evolution on all your available history
Summary of the dashboardView key indicators
My Query All ProductsView your segments and qualifying fields (Ex: galenic, solar index, promotions ...) as well as your Restriction
Customize colors
Product ExportExport sheet specific to All Products and MP4U type Apps
My QueryView your segments and qualifying fields (Ex: galenic, solar index, promotions, etc.)
Market DefinitionRe-base your market on the 100 base of your choice
Market AnalysisAnalyze the performance of your market: by segment, brand, product and company
TURNOVER / VOLUME (CU) SynthesisSimultaneously view sales volumes and market value
Market Share AnalysisAnalyze market shares over the last 12 months
Sales Cross TableCreate a simple pivot table
Custom Weighting MethodCustom Weight" where a selection is calculated on a Market totalizer - but where the "100% rebasing" dimensions are optional.
Market Share EvolutionVisualize the evolution of sales and market share over long periods
Price AnalysisView the prices on your market and analyze your positioning
Sell Out Value Synthesis (PHARMACIES / SUPERMARKETS)Compare GSA drugstore and drugstore sales
Sales EvolutionView your evolving sales over all your available history
My Data ArchiveExport a flat database to Excel
Multiple Period AnalysisCreate a completely customized table
RAW DATA Standard IndicatorsRecover your raw data in Excel format