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Geographical Sales Evolution

Visualize sales by sector over 36 months in a pivot table

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Module name

Trigram: GSE




The Geographical Sales Evolution module uses the principles of the Geographical Cross Sales Table sheet, displaying a historical view and by geographic level.

  • Arrange the rows and columns of your table using your segments, your qualifying fields and your measures

  • Export your table to Excel

  • Create a favorite to view this table in routine

  • Visualize the performance of a region or a sector on all your measurements

This sheet is for you if:

  • You want to create a dynamic table and visualize sales over more than two time periods by geographic level

Data sources

Geographic territories

  • Metropolitan France data

  • Corsica

  • DROM-COM: Guadeloupe, Reunion, Martinique, Guyana


  • No limitation on the size of the markets

  • Applicable to human medicinal products, veterinary medicinal products and non-medicinal products



Territory Management Essential

Objects found in the sheet

  • Functional cartridge

  • Time buttons

  • Time selector

  • GSA period time selector

  • Indicator buttons

  • Company selector

  • Prescription selector

  • Hierarchical selector

  • Network selector

  • KPIs

  • Object 'Evolution of sales in absolute value'

  • Object 'Pivot Table'



  • Day and week timing on option


09/10/2020: In case of sectorization on 3 levels (ex: Region, Area, Sector), this module has a known limitation preventing the display of the Region label within the pivot table.

As part of our policy of continuous development, an evaluation is underway in order to overcome the two-layer limitation of this module. We will inform you of its commissioning as soon as this limitation is lifted.


Current version:

  • Added a multi-converted unit selector

Old versions:

  • Minor fix on the Area and Sector labels (vUgField, vDecoupageField)

  • Update of the table to take into account the 3rd Layer if this one must be present. (Technical Note Intern: Region, vRegionField condition on v_txt_dim_title_Region).

  • Modification of the structure of the pivot table in order to be able to choose precisely which columns to display or not.

  • Integration of the 3 rd sectorization displayed conditionally. Is done by the AggrRegion variable initialized in the stream and whose lib is vRegionField (Internal Technical Improvement)

  • Switching to a palette of 100 colors in order to clearly distinguish the analysis dimensions.

  • Switch to the new narrow grid modeled on Market Analysis (Internal Technical Improvement)

  • Addition of the Data Input Warning within the traceability cartridge. (Internal Technical Improvement)

  • Correction of the Prescription Type dimension for the English version of the field in the details table.

  • Revariability of the subscription within the cartridge. (New variable)

  • Change of the sheet icon

  • Enlargement of the stack bar to get as close as possible to the 16-9 'standard and therefore to standardize with the zoned version of the graph.

  • Added the legend placed on the left.

  • Standardization of the placement of "Reload Time" on the SMA standard

Evolution target" Evolution target" Geographical10 vographical target vographical vographical106 Geography vographical105bc5nxnc=714Nank vographical target

  • Variabilization of the labels of standard fields as well as of the selection dimension of the Evolution of sales in absolute value histogram.

  • Modification of the previous automation of the hierarchical qualifying fields selector on the market for more rapid updating of the App. (dynamic value) (Internal Technical Improvement).

  • Modification of the display mode selector with addition of hierarchical fields qualifying the market, automatically (Internal Technical Improvement).

  • Addition of all the hierarchical fields qualifying the market automatically within the table for the speed of updating the App.

  • Correction of the link button to the "Success" site.

  • First version of the sheet

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