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Trigram: KS

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KPI SUMMARY is a module for functional use:

  • Export of key volume indicators, frozen over usual periods according to the selected month, and this by Area / Sector.

Data sources

  • Data from pharmacies

  • GSA drugstore data

Geographic territories

  • Metropolitan France data

  • Corsica



  • Limitations may apply depending on market size

  • Applicable on human drug and non-drug



  • Sales & Marketing Essential

Objects found in the sheet

  • Include / Exclude container

Indicators & measures

  • YTD flight

  • Flight YTD-1

  • Flight YTD evol

  • Vol YTD Evol Abs

  • MTD Flight

  • Flight MTD-1

  • Flight MTD evol

  • Flight MTD Evol Abs

  • Flight MAT

  • Flight MAT-1

  • Flight MAT evol

  • Flight MAT Evol Abs

  • MS YTD flight

  • MS YTD-1 flight

  • MS YTD Delta flight

  • MS MTD Flight

  • MS MTD-1 flight

  • MS MTD Delta flight

  • MS L365D flight

  • Flight MS L365D-1

  • MS L365D Delta flight

Compatible Options

  • Product qualifying fields




Transpose the dimensions of the array as you wish to obtain the desired rendering.


Current version:

KPIs SUMMARY v2010061506

  • Modification of the conditional display of the Region field present if vNbLayers = 3 (Internal Improvement)



  • Changed the Aggr (Region) dimension to the native Region (Internal Technical Improvement) dimension

KPI Summary v2009231429 :

  • Addition of the Region dimension whose label is variablized vRegionField. Changed the variability of Decoupage from v_txt_dim_title_Decoupage to vRegionField. Changed variability of MU from v_txt_dim_title_UG to vUGField

  • Switch to the new narrow grid modeled on Market Analysis (Internal Technical Improvement)

  • Addition of the Data Input Warning within the traceability cartridge. (Internal Technical Improvement)

KPIs SUMMARY v2005051144

  • Module accepted in this version of the standard. No change to report.

target> ARY

  • Revariability of the subscription within the cartridge. (New variable)

  • Change of the sheet icon

target> vzu7o" target> vsblary"sblary"

  • Standardization of the placement of "Reload Time" on the SMA standard

target> SUMMARY v2001071603

  • Variability of the Prescription Type label (filter) as well as the Area and Sector labels in the Volume by Composite Periods table

target29"v1jSHFW4sankM target29"v1jSHFW4sankM target29> v90990

  • The addition of CQCP auto not provided for this sheet. (Internal Technical Improvement)

target> vh990"sblary90"sblary90"sblary90"sblary90"sblary90"sblary90"sblary

  • Creation of the sheet

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