Advanced Indicators Analysis Bio
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Update: 230306_ACA

Name of the module

Trigram: AIA


Value proposition

The Advanced Indicators Analysis Bio module allows you to understand the drivers of growth or decline in a market:

  • Break down the evolution of sales values into a volume effect and a price effect

  • Break down the volume effect into an MMV effect (organic growth) and a Digital Distribution effect

  • View retail VMMs and DNVs by segment, laboratory, brand or product

  • Break down your leading indicators by pharmacy type (optional)

This module is for you if :

  • You want to go further than just tracking sales volumes and values

  • You want to better prioritise your marketing and sales investments

Data sources

Geographical territories

  • Data for mainland France excluding Corsica


  • Limitations may apply depending on the size of the market

  • Applicable on products sold in organic shops



  • Sales & Marketing Advanced

Objects in the sheet



  • Customer Type


  • At fine granularities such as product level, the 'Advanced Indicators Detail' table may display slowness or fall into error

  • Limitations related to the optional functionality of Customer Type

  • Aggregate calculations are approximations


Current version

Advanced Indicators Analysis Bio v2303150000

  • Creation of the module

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