Custom weighting analysis

Custom Weight" where a selection is calculated on a Market totalizer - but where the "100% rebasing" dimensions are at choice.

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Trigram : CWMA


The above selection brings up the indicators without any relining applied.

Demonstration of a relining by Company :

The rebasing by Company with a previous selection of the Company and Segment dimensions will show you the weight of each Segment, by Company.



Value Proposition

This module is for you if:

You want to visualize the market share of a laboratory in several segments (each total segment being worth 100%, thus x% of the laboratory in question)

Data sources

Data from pharmacies

GSA parapharmacies data

Geographical territories

Data for Metropolitan France


DROM-COM : Guadeloupe, Reunion, Martinique, Guyana


No limitation on market size

Applicable to human drugs, veterinary drugs and non-drugs



Sales & Marketing Essential

Objects present in the sheet

Functional cartridge

Time buttons

Time selector

Indicator buttons

Company selector

Dimension selector

Measurements selector

Market rebasing drop-down selector

Territory Filtering for Market Total Reduction Checkbox

Details table


N-1 To

N-1 To Custom Weight

N To

N To Custom Weight

N To Evol

N To Custom Weight Delta




Current version

Custom Weighting Method Analysis v2104061758

Integration to the standard

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