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Custom Weighthting method evolution

"Custom Weight" where a selection is calculated on a Market totalizer - but where the "100% rebasing" dimensions are at choice.

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Trigram : CWME


Détails of the checkbox : "Filters on territories will also reduce total market"

The checkbox "Filters on territories will also reduce total market" allows the filtering by territory to be taken into account or not on the total market.

In the example below, we can see that once checked, the filter is applied within the territory rebasing.

The selection below brings up the indicators without any rebasing applied.

Demonstration of a relining by Company :

The rebasing by Company with a previous selection of the Company and Segment dimensions will show you the weight of each Segment, by Company.



Value Proposition

This module is for you if:

You want to visualize the market share of a laboratory in several segments (each total segment being worth 100%, thus x% of the laboratory in question)

The Custom Weighting Method Evolution module also allows you to apply a temporal rebasing by Months, Quarters, Years.

Data Sources

Compendial pharmacy data

GSA parapharmacies data

Geographical areas

Metropolitan France data


DROM-COM: Guadeloupe, Reunion Island, Martinique, Guyana


No limitation on market size

Applicable to human drugs, veterinary drugs and non-drugs



Sales & Marketing Essential

Objects present in the sheet

Detailed table of the indicators mentioned below with the possibility of rebasing both on the dimensions and temporally via the Custom Time Reference checkbox.


N-1 To

N-1 To Custom Weight

N To

N To Custom Weight

N To Evol

N To Custom Weight Delta


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