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When several levels are available (Ex: Area + Sector), zooming on the map allows you to switch from one view to another .

For a better visualization, it is possible to switch the map to full screen via the button at the top right of the insert. As with all HUB objects.

The Market Definition module allows to 'rebaser' the display of KPIs such as N Weight , which allows you to analyze the relative weights of each geographic area.

If no selection is made via Market Definition, the default 100% N Weight will be the highest total available on the application.


The Cartography module allows you to:

  • View sales volumes and sales values on 3 territorial levels: National, Regional and Sector

  • Track market share (segment, company, product) across all your geographic levels

This module is for you if:

  • You want to use the HUB to track the performance of your sales force

  • You want to use cartographic elements to animate your sales meetings

Data sources

Geographical territories

  • Metropolitan France data

  • Corsica

  • DROM-COM: Guadeloupe, Reunion, Martinique, Guyana


  • No limitation on the size of the markets

  • Applicable to human medicinal products, veterinary medicinal products and non-medicinal products



Territory Management Essential

Objects found in the sheet

  • Functional cartridge

  • Time buttons

  • Temporal selector

  • Indicator buttons

  • Company selector

  • Prescription selector

  • Geographic selector

  • Network selector

  • KPIs

  • Object 'KPI according to selection'

  • 'Indicator details' object



  • Day and week timing on option


  • Consolidated pharmacies and parapharmacy data only


Current version:

Cartography_ target20 Cartography_ target20

  • Multi-converted unit button added


Cartography v2009231544 :

  • Drop-down selector: Passed in dynamic value with listing modified by flow vF200921

  • Table "Indicator's Details: Minor modification of the Geography dimension so that it can take into account the 3 rd sectorization formed by an Aggr (removal of brackets, Internal Technical Improvement)

  • Switch to the new narrow grid modeled on Market Analysis (Internal Technical Improvement)

  • Addition of the Data Input Warning within the traceability cartridge. (Internal Technical Improvement)

Cartography v2007061702

  • Modification of the size of the Grid and the placement of objects as close as possible to the original for the integration of the DOE (Internal Technical Improvement) cartridge

Cartography v2006181446

  • Implementation of dynamic reporting of the values of the analysis period type buttons.

Cartography v2005051144

  • Correction of the map subtitle which did not take into account the type and version of sectorization following the total variability of the subtitle.

Cartography v2005041713

  • Fixed indicator drop-down selector.

cartography> v4nOjwbZuJM200

  • Changed the type of On / Off Prescription selector for Sales With Prescription / Sales Without Prescription (Now allows this selection to be taken into account within favorites)

Cartography v2004091150

  • Review of the size of the digits on the map for better readability

  • Enlarged a standard grid tile upwards due to the increase in font size.

Cartography v2003271914

  • Standardization of the placement of "Reload Time" on the SMA standard

vank2ankography target 1818 vank7Q200

  • Reduced the color opacity of the regions for more legibility on the displayed numbers.

Cartography v2001101638

  • Addition of percentage indicators to the map, namely N Evol, N Evol Abs, N Growth CTR, N Weight

target"ography vYVrZjFP9=59_15ank target"ography

  • Variability of the Product label corresponding to the references.

Cartography v1910151020

  • Improvement in the number of measurements that can be displayed on the map, all the absolute values can be displayed by the drop-down selector (N, N-1, N Evol Abs, N *) Correct the labels consequently.

Targetg Cartography p 0Y000001Iu7o

  • Change of mapping type for a native.

Cartography v1908091455

  • Fix for the link button to the success site

Cartography v1905211400

  • Added link to Success site (top right)

Cartography v1905271712

  • Creation of the sheet

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