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View all your standard indicators in a pivot table:

  • Choose your indicators, your dimensions and your measurements

  • Export your data in Excel format with and without totals

This module is for you if:

  • You want to extract a large amount of data on a regular basis

Data sources

  • GSA drugstore data

Geographic territories

  • Metropolitan France data


  • Applicable to human medicinal products, veterinary medicinal products and non-medicinal products



  • Sales & Marketing Advanced

  • RAW DATA option

Objects found in the sheet

  • RAW DATA table

  • Measurement selector

  • Temporal selector

  • Reference month selector

Indicators & measures

NB: the list of indicators and measures depend on the subscription.


  • Selling Digital Distribution SMKT

  • SMKT Selling Value Distribution

  • SMKT Monthly Average Sales

  • SMKT Adjusted Monthly Average Sales


  • 36 periods

  • Evolution of the current month

  • Mobile annual cumulative (CAM / MAT)

  • Rolling annual cumulative previous year

  • Evolution of the mobile annual cumulative

  • Fixed cumulative (CF / YTD)

  • Fixed cumulative previous year

  • Evolution of the fixed accumulation

  • Previous year

  • Year N-2

  • Evolution Year

Compatible Options

  • Product qualifying fields

  • Favorites


  • Slow data display on full visualizations

  • Exporting one indicator at a time


  • Addition of the Warning "No Compliant Data Input" at the top right.

target=200"_bl4IOE" target>200"_block17 : Addition of a reference period selector

Old versions

target> v227JoXTNSY00" target : Correction of conditional display problem SMKT period

v2002172304: First version of the module

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