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Trigram: SCU




Convert your sales using a coefficient table defined and maintained over time by the customer.

This conversion table is systematically visible on the left in the traceability part of the sheet.

Open Health Company is an actor in the validation of this table of coefficients within the HUB.

Data sources

  • Data from pharmacies

  • GSA drugstore data

  • Correspondence table of conversion coefficients (maintained by the customer)

Geographic territories

  • Metropolitan France data

  • Corsica



  • Limitations may apply depending on the size of the market

  • Applicable to human medicinal products, veterinary medicinal products and non-medicinal products



  • Sales & Marketing Custom

Objects found in the sheet

  • Functional cartridge

  • Traceability cartridge

  • Conversion table

  • Time buttons

  • Time selector

  • Indicator buttons, with converted units

  • Company selector

  • Object 'Sales Evolution'

  • Pivot Table Object


  • Volume sales

  • Value sales

  • Volume sales in converted units


  • Customer type


Current version

Sales in Converted Units v2011120945

  • Added converted multi-unit selector

  • Traceability table and list of dynamic converted unit values

Previous versions

Sales Units" in_bledank> v2009301629

  • Modification of the structure of the pivot table in order to be able to choose precisely which columns to display or not.

Sales in Converted Units v2009251446

  • Added "Data Input" warning

Sales in Units Converted v2006151638

  • Addition of the Customer Type field displayed conditionally if subscribed to the Customer Type.

Sales in Converted Units v2004271727

  • Module recipe version v2004271727 of the standard; no change compared to version v2004070930 of this module.

Sales in Units Converted v2004070930

  • The mention "PHARMA ONLY" has been raised just below the market to regroup the traceability dates between them.

  • Added labels to the "Sales Evolution" Stack Bar.

  • Variability of the subscription within the cartridge. (New variable)

target> 200

  • Internal fix to the pivot table for the "Product And Code" field

Sales in Converted Units v2001071559

  • Variability in the labels of TCD dimensions

in Convert_16ed4 target Sales Units" = Convert_16edank> vgJEsq7RoZ19 Convert_16ed4 target units"

  • Correction of the chronoogical formatting of the Stacked Bar Chart "Sales Evolution" (Internal Technical Improvement)

Sales in Units Converted v1909111730

  • Modification of the display mode selector with addition of hierarchical fields qualifying the market, automatically.

Sales in Converted Units v1909091523

  • Addition of totals in for automatic CQCPs in the pivot tables.

Sales in Units Converted v1908091455

  • Fix for the link button to the success site

Sales in Converted Units v1905211400

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