Module name

Trigram: MSE




Display your weekly, monthly, quarterly or annual sales over a long history

  • Represent seasonality visually

  • Visualize very quickly the long-term trends of a market, a segment, a laboratory, a brand or a product

  • Using trend and delta measurements, define very precisely which laboratory has gained market share and at what time of year

  • Export data to Excel

This module is for you if you want:

  • Carry out detailed monitoring of market shares

  • Track your sales over long histories

  • Understanding trends and detecting reversals

Data sources

Geographic territories

  • Metropolitan France data

  • Corsica

  • DROM-COM: Guadeloupe, Reunion, Martinique, Guyana


  • No limitation on the size of the markets

  • Applicable to human medicinal products, veterinary medicinal products and non-medicinal products



Sales & Marketing Essential

Objects found in the sheet

  • Functional cartridge

  • Temporal

  • buttons

  • Indicator buttons

  • Company

  • Prescription selector

  • Hierarchical selector

  • Network selector

  • 'Market Share in%' object

  • 'Market Share in volume' object

"NOT" Selector



  • Day and week timing on option

  • International data on request




Current version:

Market Share Evolution v2011101605

  • Added converted multi-unit selector button

Old versions:

Share18vPZ2DR9IJALvlDank4 target15"

  • Addition of the "Data Input" Warning

Market Share Evolution v2008251633

  • A change to 100 colors instead of 10 by default (when selecting Color - > Auto) on all graphics now allows consistent colors. Fix that could not be done before the platform version upgrade due to the old April 2019 version of Qlik.

Market Share Evolution v2007011807

  • Review of the positioning of objects according to the new grid for the implementation of the DOE (Internal Technical Improvement) cartridge

Market Share Evolution v2006221015

  • Setting up conditional display for the Network selector.

target Market15"_blank200> Evolution6 p / v000001Iu7o

  • Implementation of the dynamic display of the analysis period type selection buttons with settings from the Param file

Market Share Evolution v2005271657

  • Specific variability in v_Value_QTD under the label Qtr variabilisé v_lib_QTD.

Market Share Evolution v2005191558

  • Variability of the labels of values of types of analysis period within the selection buttons.

Market Share Evolution v2005131722
- Variabilisation of all the labels of the sheet (Sheet title block, title of graphics, titles of dimensions and measures)

Share_Evolution target" Share_Evolution target"17
- Module accepted on version v2004271727 of the standard; no change compared to version v2004161511 of this module

Evolution target"H8Rank> Evolution target v2004161511

  • Changed the type of On / Off Precription selector for Sales With Prescription / Sales Without Prescription (Now allows this selection to be taken into account within favorites)

Share Evolution v2004070930

  • Added labels on comparative point line charts.

  • Variability of the subscription within the cartridge.

# 0Y000001Iu7o/a/1v000000vwlp/X1xNU3PRm1ItTCPS66cRZdZTPYITQf7_KtknOV8U8Ycank3703 Share11_KtknOV8U8Ycank370> Share11_KtknOV8U8Ycank370 Share117_KtknOV8U8Ycank370 Market" Evolution v70" Evolution v770 target=1

  • Standardization of the temporal dimension of the point curves on the same corrected formatting.


  • Variability of the caption of the "Selection" dimension


  • Variabilisation of the label of the native Network filter.

Market Share Evolution v1909191553

  • Modification of the previous automation of the market qualifying hierarchical field selector to no longer have to do any manipulation when updating the App (dynamic value).

target930 Share_EvolutionblWTGqPUg"90 target> Share_Evolution_17WTGqPUg"90 target Share_Evolution

  • Modification of the display mode selector with addition of hierarchical fields qualifying the market, automatically.

Market Share Evolution v1908261433

  • Correction of your "Success" link following the redesign of the site.

  • Correction of the Market Share in %e and Evolution of sales in absolute value charts on the formatting of the x-axis for Mth and Qtr.

Market Share Evolution v1908091455

  • Fix for the link button to the success site

Market Share Analysis v1906061604

  • Week button, SMKT periods, CustomerType in MyQuery, CQCP

  • Correction of the time sorting having disappeared skipped following the transformation into concatenated field for the weeks for the Stack-bar “Market Share in%” and “Evolution of sales in absolute value” (Internal Technical Improvement).

Market" Evolution v1905211400 Added link to the Success site (top right) Evolution"2051 Share_Oblank1 Evolution

  • Correction of the curve graph object “Evolution of sales in absolute value” on the displayed month points not in phase with the user selection.

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