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Platform - update 231215
Platform - update 231215
Written by Lorenzo Labranche
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Creation date : 20/12/2023 - By : LL

Last modified: 20/12/2023 - By: LL

List of innovations and optimisations for your Platform :

(Administration area + Applications)

1) Administration area


Description / Value proposition

0324 - Maintain selection, activity log

Filteractivity log kept in memory when the page is refreshed.

0712 - Improvement"Mass export

If the volume of products is too large during "BULK EXPORT", an error message is displayed and the export stops.

2) Applications

0508 - Addition ofTrend in ODT

In the "On Demand Table"Your indicators have a new function for analysing trends

0701 - Indicators ofmarginODA/E/T

Margin indicators are now available in your "On Demand" modules (Analysis, Evolution, Table) if you have this type of analysis.

0725 - ODA/ODE: Remove indicators in the same way as ODT

Adding or removing the indicator display when setting parameters in the "My Accesses" menu is done simultaneously in the ODA/ODE/ODT modules.

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