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Apps + Portal version 230815
Apps + Portal version 230815
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Portal news



640 - Add theDutchin the Success knowledge base.

Dutch translation of Success knowledge base added

643 -Traceability of files imported as bulk MAM

The imported file is reintegrated into the ticket so that it can be consulted at any time. Archive duration?

New Applications



638 - AdditionAS indicator in ODT + its Evol versions etc.

Addition of the AS ("Average Sales") indicator and its variants (Evol, Delta...) in the

648 - Ergonomic improvements Module Summary

Harmonisation of certain terms. Review of the ergonomics of this traceability module

652 - Tri Market analysis by sales volume or value

The table in the "Market Analysis" module is sorted by default according to sales volume or value (descending sorting).

655 - AdditionShare of selling offerinODA/ODT

Arrange in the moduleOn Demand Table (ODT) indicator Share of selling offer (subject to subscription to the analysis module Average number of products

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