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0629 - CUSTOMER feedback

Ergonomics: review of the following menus:
- My sectorisations
- My Favourites
- My tickets
- My team

New Applications



0627 - WISER ODA "atypical indicators

New module: Creation of an e-commerce Vs Pharmacy price analysis module

0633 - Evolution index

New indicator: Growth index (% change in market share)

0636 - Multi-currency application

New option: multi-currency management and choice of conversion rate settings

0628 - Ergonomics traceability Date MAJ in APPS

Ergonomics: Review of the Summary module to highlight the last available data dates

0632 - Salesforce performance bubble colour code

Ergonomics: Review of the colour code on the "Salesforce Performance" module (advanced indicators for sales force management)

0621 - Matching card colour

Ergonomics: Review of the colour code on maps

0634 - 2-axis graphic review

Ergonomics: On the On Demand Evolution module, highlight the correspondence between axes and indicators (example graph with 2 curves: evolution of the weighted average price Vs evolution of volume sales).

0637 - ODT default traceability button (France only)

By default, the traceability of your selections is displayed in your exports from the On Demand Table module.

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