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On Demand Analysis
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Update: 230221_MLM

Trigram: ODA



Value proposition

Allows you to optimise your user experience through total autonomy in the creation of your own dashboards.

  • Customise your dashboards by adding your segments, qualifying fields and measures

  • Create your KPIs, donuts, bar charts, pivot tables and tables

  • Customise your dashboards and export them for presentations

  • Share your dashboards with your colleagues

  • Set up your graphics with greater finesse (e.g. change the colours)

This module is for you if :

  • You need to make your own presentations

  • You want to define common reference dashboards for all your employees

Data sources

Geographical territories

  • Data for Metropolitan France

  • Corsica


  • Limitations may apply depending on the size of the market

  • Applicable to human, veterinary and non-medicinal products



  • Sales & Marketing

  • Territory Management

  • On Demand Analysis" option

Indicators and measures

NB: the list of indicators and measures depends on the subscription.

Indicators "Essential" :

  • Turnover

  • Turnover Evol

  • Turnover Evol Abs

  • Volume

  • Volume Evol

  • Volume Evol Abs

  • Turnover MS

  • Turnover MS Delta

  • Volume MS

  • Volume MS Delta

  • Turnover Growth CTR

  • Turnover Growth CTR A

  • Volume Growth CTR

  • Volume Growth CTR A

  • WASP

  • WASP Evol

  • AASP

  • AASP Evol

Indicators "Advanced" :

  • AMS

  • AMS A

  • AMS To

  • AMS A To

  • ND Pha

  • ND Rebased Pha

  • Global ND Pha

  • Global ND Rebased Pha

  • WD Pha

  • WD Rebased Pha

  • Global WD Pha

  • Global WD Rebased Pha

Compatible options

  • GSA periods (P01, P02...)

  • Custom periods (e.g. four months)

  • Converted units

  • "Select values to focus on" ("From products" or "From sells"): implementation of the "Focus" allowing to target the values of dimensions to be highlighted, the other values will form a set named "Other" (as inOn Demand Table)


  • The module is limited to 4 simultaneous graphics

  • It is not possible to change the location of the graphics

  • A slight interruption occurs when the number of blocks changes


Current version

On Demand Analysis v2204081358

  • First version of the module

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