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Platform - update 231015
Platform - update 231015
Written by Céline SERE
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Creation date: 16/10/2023 - By: KD

Last modified: 24/10/2023 - By: MP

List of innovations and optimisations for your Platform :

(Administration area + Applications)

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1) Administration area

577 - Blue-Green pattern on the gate

Allows you to have two platforms in parallel to maintain continuity on the portal and increase resilience.

2) Applications

575 - Categorising your indicators and periods

In the "On Demand Table" module, your indicators and periods are now classified by category for easier retrieval.

676 - Inventories expressed in converted units

Your stock analyses can now be converted into "converted units" if you have them (e.g. litres of milk, number of condoms, test strips for readers, etc.).

681 - Margin analysis by pharmacy type

You can now analyse your margins by type of pharmacy

631 - Comparison of market trends versus product selection

Thanks to the "On Demand Evolution" module and the "Product values focus" option, you can visually compare your Performance with that of your Market.

(any type of configurable product selection)

644 - Weekly - Indicate the week

When you select a week in SMA (for example W22), you can specify the dates of the week (from 29/05 to 04/06 or the week of 29/05).

677 - ODA: "Customize colors" review

In ODA/ODE, Revue de l'ergonomonome de "Customize colors,

647 - Export TCD ODA

In the ODA/ODE modules, when you move your cursor over the display icons, a label with a short description appears to guide you.

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