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HUB + GATE version 220415
HUB + GATE version 220415
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Update: 220413_MLM



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0328 - Mass Export/Import at GTIN level

Exports and imports on your space "Change my marketsThe "OHC_Code_7" is all aggregated at GTIN level and no longer at "OHC_Code_7" level.

The "Bulk exportThe "GTIN file" produces a .csv file with all your selected products with a granularity at the GTIN level.

Mass imports must now be carried out with a granularity at the GTIN level that you will find when you export.

This makes it easier to manage your products as you only need to modify one line to manage all the products associated with the same GTIN.

News The HUB

On Demand Table :

  • Implementation of the "FocusThe "other" values will form a set named "Other".

    • Example: I want to view the sales of PILEJE and ARKOPHARMA. All the other laboratories, I want to group them in one modality ("Other").

  • Implementation of the "Hide"This is the only way to freely hide a measurement column (which should normally be displayed following user selection).

    • Example: I want to hide my YTD March 2022 sales volumes of my PILEJE and ARKOPHARMA selection and the "Other".

Traceability cartridge :

In the traceability cartridge, at the top left of your The HUB app, a gauge indicates thenumber of complete sources for the period under review.

The following colour code is used:

  • Green: All sources are complete for the period studied

  • Orange: Some of the sources are complete for the period studied

  • Red: No source is complete for the period studied

To view the exactdate of last update(English reading), you can click on the symbol and you will arrive onSUMMARY :

Sales per Channel & Prescriber :

The module has been revised to be consistent with theSales Evolution :

Exportable formatting of all tables ("Total" line, colour scheme...)

From now on, the formatting of all tables ("Total" line, set of colours...) can be exported to Excel (before 15/04/2022, it was only possible onOn Demand Table).

To do this, when you export, please check the box "Formatting the table"



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