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HUB SMA version 220215
HUB SMA version 220215
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Edit: 2201311819_LG

In order to facilitate the exploitation of exports in Excel format, the output format of the numbers has been corrected:

The "AMS To A" (= "Average Monthly Sales Turnover Adjusted") indicator has been added to the Advanced Indicators Analysis, Advanced Indicators Evolution and On Demand Table modules:

On the SOMA and SOME modules:

Correction to the traceability cartridge indicating the origin of the single pharmacy network as input data:

Addition of the YTD time-based PAS within the MSE and SE modules:

In summary, here are all the innovations:

#0282 - Correction of the format of cells that are not in "Number" when exporting to the Sales Evolution chart

#0280 - Adding the "AMS A To" indicator

#0251 - UAN Midwives in the prescriber list (Sales per channel & prescriber sheet)

#0288 - On SOMA / SOME sheets, Clarification on Pharma Only network

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