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As soon as a product is created in our repository, we assign it an internal code.

This code is called"Technical code and cannot be modified, it is only useful for OpenHealth's internal use (Name in your HUB applications: "OHC_TECHNICAL CODE_1")

Grouping code

Sometimes a product has several GTINs and OpenHealth uses a technical code called"Grouping codein order to make the link between the different codes. This is the case in the following cases:

  • If a product is manufactured in France in two different factories, there may be two separate GTINs for traceability purposes, even though they are the same product.

  • If a product undergoes a "minor" change to its product record (e.g. the cap changes colour), this will result in the creation of a new GTIN even though it is the same product.

By transparency, you can find in the moduleSUMMARYIn the table below, the list of GTINs grouped under one for sales in Pharmacies, thanks to these 3 fields:

  • OHC_TECHNICAL CODE_1OpenHealth internal technical code for GTIN grouping

  • Attached_GTIN :mentions the GTIN that will be displayed in your applications among all those grouped

  • GTIN : to find the list of GTINs grouped under a single


For the above products, pharmacy sales of GTINS 3515456464049 / 3401564640485 are grouped under GTIN 3515456464049.

Burst code

Conversely, it is necessary to have a code that serves as a "separator", in order to distinguish the 2 products and follow the evolution of sales over time, in this case the Technical Code is a"Burst Code".

  • For example, in the case of reuse of the same GTIN over time by a company for a new product when the old one is no longer marketed.

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