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New version HUB SMA 220315
New version HUB SMA 220315

New version HUB SMA 220315 / Flux vF220315

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Modification : 2203091407_LG


  • Discover the release of the new module "Advanced Indicators Crossed" to compare two "universes" of user selections (Example: For a competitive comparison of similar product positioning or a comparison of two neighboring products on the same brand).


  • Redesign of the traceability cartridges on all the HUB modules so that they are dynamic according to the user's time selection.

This means that there is now a maximum of two dates (if not one) only in the module's title block, the oldest and the most recent, regardless of the number of data sources in the module.

The other date under the market name is the reload date of the APP.

The implementation of an icon to access the SUMMARY

invites you to view the different sources of the APP and allows you to see their exact status.

  • Addition of a traceability table in the SUMMARY allowing you to have a complete visual on the number of selections in the input data of the APP and their "freshness".

User Friendly" aspects

  • Correction on the order of the temporal dropdown selector of the On Demand Table module.

  • Correction on the Excel exports of the On Demand Table module.

  • Review of the default state of the SMKT button in the "Advanced Indicators Analysis SMKT" and "Advanced Indicators Evolution SMKT" modules.

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