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Average monthly organic sales
Average monthly organic sales
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For a given product, the average sales are the average volume sales calculated on the selling organic shops.


Average sales = Sales volumes / number of organic shops selling
The interpretation of average monthly sales based on a distribution of less than 5% should be taken with caution.

Aggregation over several products

The MSRPs are calculated normally on the products, but the "company", "brand" and "segment" correspond to the average of the product MSRPs.


The average monthly organic sales can be written as "VMM Bio".

It is translated into English as "Average Monthly Sales Bio" or "AMS Bio".


Sales & Marketing Advanced subscription

Limitation :

  • Cross-referencing distribution indicators with a Customer Type / geographical sectoral breakdown:

To date, we do not have distribution information on the Bio network by customer type in an SMA application, or by geographical area in a TMA.

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