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Monthly Average Sales
Monthly Average Sales

Average Monthly Sales

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For a given product, the monthly average sales are the average monthly volume sales calculated on the selling pharmacies.


Average monthly sales = average monthly sales / volume of pharmacies selling
The interpretation of average monthly sales based on a distribution below 5% should be taken with caution.



In the example below, the average monthly sales calculated over 12 months are 3.7 = ([46 + 43] / 2) / 12


To keep in mind: turnover = average monthly sales * number of pharmacies selling * weighted average price.

High VMMs are compatible with low market share .

Indeed, if a product A has a VMM of 100, but it is sold in only 1 pharmacy, then its MDP of A will be close to 0 at the national level.

A decrease in VMM is compatible with an increase in sales volume . For example, in the event of winning new customers (gain of ND ), if these new customers generate on average less sales than the existing customers, which is generally the case, then the average of the whole will automatically decrease while these new sales will be added to the sales of the existing customers. Example:


The average monthly sales (VMM) indicator can be translated into English by average monthly sales (AMS).

Attention point

In SMKT, the indicator noted AMS goes up the average periodic sales according to SMKT periods (Example: SMKT week, SMKT period)

Geographic territories

Metropolitan France except Corsica




You can study the indicator in 3 ways:

  • Aggregated on all the territories you follow,

  • Individually for each territory,

  • Aggregated in your geographic sectorization.


Provision of Corsica-Monaco-DROM-COM data:

  • From the 15th of each month following the last month due


Interpretation of the indicator for Monaco studied individually (not aggregated with other territories):

  • Given the disparity of pharmacies in this territory, precautions should be taken on the interpretation of the indicator when you study this territory alone


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