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Monthly Average Sales Value
Monthly Average Sales Value


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Average monthly sales value is the ratio of sales value to the number of pharmacies selling.


You want to estimate the average monthly sales in value and not in volume.

If the Hub, to date, does not allow you to view these figures directly on the platform, the Hub nevertheless allows you to calculate them simply to approximate this indicator. It is this calculation that is explained in this article.

The principle is to cross the average monthly sales in volume with the sales volume and value.

Approximate calculation of the indicator

Average monthly sales value =

[Average monthly sales volume x turnover] / Volume

The interpretation of average monthly sales based on a distribution of less than 5% should be taken with caution.


In the table below, we have:

  • monthly average sales volume (AMS)

  • the CA (Turnover)

  • the volume (Volume)

The last AMS To column is the calculated indicator of monthly average sales in value.

For example, for the brand Brand 1 , the calculation is as follows:

VMM CA = [VMM x CA] / Volume

VMM CA = [12.1 x 8 776 516] / 1 352 807

VMM CA = 78.50 €

On average, a pharmacy sells Brand 1 products for € 78.50 over the period studied.


The monthly average sales value indicator is part of OpenHealth's continuous innovation roadmap. This indicator will soon be available on the Hub for direct analysis.


The average monthly sales value (VMM CA) indicator can be translated into English by average monthly sales n turnover (AMS To).

Point of attention

In SMKT, the indicator noted AMS goes up the average periodic sales according to SMKT periods (Example: SMKT week, SMKT period)

Geographic territories

Metropolitan France except Corsica




You can study the indicator in 3 ways:

Aggregated on all the territories you follow,

Individually for each territory,

Aggregated in your geographic sectorization.


Provision of Corsica-Monaco-DROM-COM data:

From the 15th of each month following the last month due


Interpretation of the indicator for Monaco studied individually (not aggregated with other territories):

Given the disparity of pharmacies in this territory, precautions should be taken on the interpretation of the indicator when you study this territory alone


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