Actual Average Sales Price

AASP : Actual Average Sales Price

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The average price recorded corresponds to the arithmetic average of the prices of the pharmacies selling.


Average price found = average (prices of pharmacies selling)


Unlike the weighted average price (WASP), the average observed price (AASP) of a given product does not weight pharmacies in relation to the weight of sales of the product and therefore describes a theoretical situation where all pharmacies would sell product A on the same amounts of turnover.


A pharmacy sells 10 units of product A at 2€. A second pharmacy sells 20 units of product A at 4€. The average observed price is 3€ ((2+4)/2), the weighted average price is 3.33€ ([10*2 + 20 * 4]/ (10+20)].


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The average price recorded is incompatible with the PARAPHARMACIE (SMKT) data source.

You will find this information in the upper part of the Price Analysis module.

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