Adjusted SMKT Average Sales

Adjusted SMKT Average Sales

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For a given product, the adjusted SMKT average sales represent the average volume sales per selling GSA drugstore.


Adjusted average sales =
(Volume sales of GSA drugstores sold (over the entire period)
Number of GSA drugstores sold (over the entire period) period)

) x DVV / DNV *

* WD / ND


For a product P, the sales volume for a given week is 10,000 UC and sold in 537 GSA parapharmacies.
The average sales of this product are 18.6 = 10000/537
For a hierarchical aggregate (such as a segment or a brand), the indicator is recalculated to take into account duplications of stores selling for several products sold at the same point of sale.


The indicator "Average Sales Adjusted" (VM A) can be translated into English as "Average Sales Adjusted" (AS A).

Named on the SMKT network: AS A SMKT


The "Adjusted SMKT Average Sales" indicator is similar to the VMM A / AMS A indicator calculated on pharmacy sales. The only difference is that the adjusted SMKT average sales are calculated over GSA time periods (P01, P02, etc.), where Pharmacy VMM A / AMS A are calculated on the calendar calendar.


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