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Value proposition

This module allows you to configure your selections before carrying out your analyses:

1) Your "100% Market" on which your market share is calculated

2) The selection of products you wish to analyse in this market

You can also select (depending on the content of your subscription) :

  • Distribution channels

  • Geographical areas

  • Sectors (geographical sectorisation)

  • The types of points of sale analysed (Customer Type")



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The left-hand "Define your 100% market" section (equivalent to the former "Market Definition" module)

It allows you to define the universe of products on which you calculate your market share.

By default, if you make no selection, your market shares will be calculated for all the products in your application.

The right-hand section "Define your analysis perimeter" (equivalent to the "My Query" module)

It allows you to make a selection of products that you want to analyse in detail.

Example: in your application you have a subscription to 2 markets: Food Supplements and Veterinary.

If you want to analyse the performance of laboratory "A" (including its market share) in the Food Supplements market, you need to select :

  • The Food Supplements market in the left-hand section "Define your 100% market".

  • The "A" laboratory in the right-hand section "Define your analysis perimeter".


In these 2 sections, you can use the indicators at the bottom to see the size of your selections in terms of number of products and sales:

  • # products = number of products

  • # active products = number of products sold over the last 2 years (to the last completed month)

  • Turnover Sell-out sales calculated on the most recent rolling year-to-date basis

  • To % Change change in sell-out sales calculated on the most recent rolling year-to-date basis

Can't find a product?

If you can't find a product in your selection, please consult the article below:I can't find my product

The button at the bottom right of the"Product not found ?"also refers you to this article.



Any subscription enabling product selections to be made, whatever the distribution channel or territory.

The OpenHealth advantage: product attributes can be harmonised across different distribution channels to simplify your multi-channel analyses.



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