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Rebased DVS ('WD Stock Rebased') is a calculation of DVS where the turnover taken into account is defined by the user. The rebased DVS are therefore an alternative to the DVS, for which the turnover taken into account is that of all the products sold on the distribution channel.
The rebased DVS allows you to know the share of sales value on your market represented by the pharmacies that stock your selection of products.


By default, all products on the market are taken into account .
The user can refine and customize his universe to rebase by making a selection in the ' Market Definition ' module.


Rebase stockist value distribution =
Value sales on my market or my rebased universe of pharmacies that stock my selection of products
Value sales on my market or my universe rebased pharmacies that stock one of the products from my market or my rebased universe


In the food supplement market, you see digestion products as your world.
Consider that:

  • The turnover of pharmacies which stock your product P in "digestion" is 1,500,000.

  • The turnover of pharmacies that stock any of the products in "digestion", whatever it is, is 2,000,000.

Then the rebased DVS of my product P = 1.500.000 / 2.000.000 = 75%


Sales & Marketing Advanced Subscription
Stock Modules Option
Rebase DVS Option

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