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Rebased DVVs ('WD Rebased') are a calculation of DVVs where the turnover taken into account is defined by the user. Rebase DVVs are therefore an alternative to DVVs, for which the turnover taken into account is that of all products sold on the distribution channel.
The rebased DVV allows you to know the share of sales value in your market represented by the pharmacies that sell your selection of products.


By default, all products on the market are taken into account .
The user can refine and customize his universe to be rebased by making a selection in the ' Market Definition ' module.


Rebased selling value distribution =
Value sales in my market or my rebased universe of pharmacies that sell my selection of products
Value sales in my market or my universe rebased pharmacies that sell one of the products from my market or my rebased universe

Over time periods greater than 1 month, the rebased DVV is calculated as the average of the rebased monthly DVV


In the food supplement market, you see digestion products as your world.
Consider that:

  • The turnover of pharmacies that sell your product P in "digestion" is 1,200,000.

  • The turnover of pharmacies that sell any of the products in "digestion", whatever it is, is 2,000,000.

Then the rebased DVV of my product P = 1.200.000 / 2.000.000 = 60%

Geographic sectorization / Customer type

In this case, the benchmark for your total value of pharmacies sold is that of the geographic sectorization method or customer type studied.

For example, your product is sold in 600 pharmacies in a geographical area which achieve 100,000,000 € turnover in your market segment and your study period.

In this same sector, 1,000 pharmacies sold a product from your market segment over the same period for a total turnover of 150,000,000 €.

Your DVV will then be 67% (100,000,000 € out of 150,000,000 €).

Geographic territories

Metropolitan France except Corsica




You can study the indicator in 3 ways:

  • Aggregated on all the territories you follow,

  • Individually for each territory,

  • Aggregated in your geographic sectorization.


Provision of Corsica-Monaco-DROM-COM data:

  • From the 15th of each month following the last month due


Interpretation of the indicator for Monaco studied individually (not aggregated with other territories):

  • Given the disparity of pharmacies in this territory, precautions should be taken on the interpretation of the indicator when you study this territory alone


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