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HUB + GATE version 220815
HUB + GATE version 220815
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News The HUB

. 0139 - Share a favourite with aspecific user

You can share a favourite withone person of your organisation by filling in itsemail address in the "Description" field.

Please note that in this case you should not put the word "SHARED:" as this could be shared with everyone in your organisation

. Time periods: to be able to display the reference period of the last expired month with the weeks of the following current month

Example: here, the data per lab in CA on the MAT at the end of July 2022 + week 32 (which is in August) is consulted.

. Sorting dimensions alphabetically

News Portal

. 0370 - Create an account for a user from a third party organisation (TPAA)

1. From the "My team" tab, click on "Create a user" at the top right of your screen

2. Check the box "Does the user belong to another organisation than yours?"

3. Via the drop-down menu, choose the number of users to add.

4. Complete the sections "Signatory of your organisation", "Signatory of the third party organisation" and "Users", then validate with the button at the bottom of the page.

After validation, a tripartite contract is sent to the email address entered in "Your organisation's signatory" for electronic signature via DocuSign, then to the third party organisation and finally to OpenHealth.

Once the tripartite contract has been signed by all 3 parties, users will be automatically created and will receive their password by email.

. 0386/0389 -Bulk export / import Excel

Export / import toExcel format (xlsx) a list of products from your Portal in order to make mass assignment changes


Select the products you want to change using the filters, for example by selecting only products in a particular segment, or only products to bePENDINGin the PRODUCTS_STATUS field.

The aim is to avoid making changes by mistake on products that are not concerned.


Once you have selected the products to be modified, click on the "Bulk export".

A window appears:

Click on "Download".

You will see a download link at the bottom left of your screen:

Other possibilityFind your file directly in your Windows downloads:

Or find your downloads via your web browser:


This step describes the procedure for importing your file with your changes.

Via the"My Markets,select your file:

1) To do this, use the "Mass import" :

2) All you have to do ischoose the market (via the "Content" heading) and import theXLSX file with the changes :



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