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Import / Export of bulk products
Import / Export of bulk products
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Within the "My Markets" functionality, you can import/exportproducts in a massive way.

Limitation :

Volumetry: import is not guaranteed above4,000 products.

The maximum size allowed is currently5 MB.

If necessary, you can perform several import batches.

Product count :

On the page, you have various indicators to monitor the volume of products.

In "PHARMA" if several GTIN codes are aggregated under one, they are all taken into account in the count, however only one will be displayed and exported.

This may explain a possible difference between theNumber of selected GTINs".and the number of lines in your export.

  • Total number of GTINs :

  • Number of GTINs selected :

  • Number of GTINs pending validation (PENDING):

  • Number of GTINs pending integration (BUFFERIZED):

  • Number of GTINs excluded (EXCLUDED):

  • Number of GTINs integrated in the HUB (ENABLED + DISABLED):

  • Number of GTINs disabled (DISABLED):

How to proceed?


Select the products you wish to modify using the filters, for example by selecting only products in a particular segment, or only products to bePENDINGin the PRODUCTS_STATUS field.

The aim is to avoid making changes by mistake on products that are not concerned.


Once you have selected the products to be modified, click on the "Bulk export".

A window appears:

Click on "Download".

You will see a download link at the bottom left of your screen:

Other possibilityFind your file directly in your Windows downloads:

or find your downloads via your Internet browser:


For theIt is important to maintain the structure of the exported file:

  • Do not add no new products (for this you can use theIPR)

  • Do notdo not change the names of the columns

  • Do not add new columnsand do notdo not delete

  • Use thepermitted characters following :

    0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 a b c d e f g h i j k l m n o p q r s t u v w x y z ( ) - , . ! ? / \ + %

Note: the order of the columns has no impact on the import of the file


Check that you have not made any changes other than to the desired fields and products.

Check that the EXCEL tab containing the data to be imported is called EXPORT as in the export file.


This step describes the procedure for importing your file with your changes.

Via the"My Markets,select your file:

1) To do this, use the "Mass import" :

2) All you have to do ischoose the market (via the "Content" heading) and import theXLSX file with the changes :

Attention:this feature does not allow the import of new products (IPR). Only products already in your market can be modified.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please do not hesitate to contact our Customer Success Center by chat or

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