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HUB + GATE version 220615
HUB + GATE version 220615
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The HUB News

0249 - "In Deal"


> Identify sales under promotion in your markets.

For a given product, "In deal" sales are those products that are sold below 5% of the reference price for a given pharmacy.

The reference price is the 2nd highest price charged by a pharmacy in the last 12 weeks of sales.

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0306 - Access Section Management

It is possible for a POWER USER to restrict the scope of a market or sectorisation.

0303 - Setting up The HUB applications by a POWER USER

There is the possibility to perform settings of The HUB applications by a POWER USER:

  • Default indicator selection

  • Selection of timings to be removed

  • Selection of indicators to be removed

  • ...

1 - Click on the jog wheel

2 - Set your The HUB applications to your liking

0258 - Review of the "Settings" section to customise your homepage

You can personalise your homepage. You can display:

  • Direct links to your favourite applications

  • Shortcuts to your favorites The HUB

  • Sales KPIs in your different markets

1 - Open the settings menu by clicking on the cogwheel at the top right (accessible via all pages of the site)

2 - Make your settings and save them ("Save changes")



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