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GATE version 211115
GATE version 211115
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#0212 - Graphic redesign of the homepage

The homepage of the OpenHealth website has been completely revised (Setting up my homepage)

#0209 - Import / Export products in the "Edit my market" section

It is possible toimport andexport products in the "My markets" tab (Import / Export of products)

#0213 - Redesign of the "My contracts" section
The "My contracts"has been reviewed.

#0220 - ROADMAP visualisation

The ROADMAP of your HUB will be visible and you will be able to propose features to be added to this RODMAP.

#0222 - Mandatory fields when applying for aproduct integration (IPR)

The fieldGTIN will now have to be filled in to carry out an IPR (Product Integration).

#0223 - Simplification of the interface and user experience

A YouTube logo leads to videos explaining the features of the OpenHealth site.

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