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Tracking Report and Benchmarks
Tracking Report and Benchmarks
Written by Théo Gomiz
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Usually done in D+14, the Tracking Reports allow you to observe the open rate and interaction with the links present in your campaign.

These have different parts, each separated according to the send ( 1st send and replay to non-openers) as well as a summary of your entire campaign:

  • Performance: showing you the size of the target and a summary of the mailing.

  • Opening Breakdown: A daily breakdown of the opening of the mailing.

  • The Breakdown of Clicks: A daily breakdown of link interactions.

  • The Number of Clicks: A separative detail of interaction with each link.

In order to better understand the different data you will find there, here are some global benchmarks* made on all our clients:

* Benchmarks updated on 26 August 2022.
( Year 2022, All campaigns over 500 targets )

When receiving your tracking report, you will be able to observe "Average Benchmarks for this type of operation", these are calculated according to the client, the type of campaign and the day of sending.

A doubt about the definition of a term used? Discover our email marketing glossary.

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