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Glossary for email campaigns
Glossary for email campaigns
Written by Théo Gomiz
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Key words used in Client-OHC communication

  • Email campaign: Package including proofing, sending, replay and tracking of an email

  • Proof of print ("POD"):Test email sent to the client for validation before the campaign is sent

  • Non-Operator Pass ( NOP ) :Sending the email back to targets who did not open the 1st send email 7 days after the 1st Send

  • Tracking report: Summary of campaign send and replay statistics

  • Target :Email addresses ( Pharmacies and Internal Lists ) affected by the mailing

  • Internal List: Lists containing customer email addresses ( witnesses, ... )

  • Blacklist: Lists of customer related unsubscribes and bounces list.

  • Bounces: Invalid email addresses or addresses that cannot receive emails

  • Email generation:Generation of each email before sending

  • Benchmarks:Average open and click rate statistics for this type of send ( More information on benchmarks )

Key words used in the Tracking Report ( PDF File ).

  • 1st Sending: Initial sending of the campaign on the date chosen by the client

  • Pass: See "Non-worker Passes ("NWP")"

  • Publication date: Date campaign sent to targets

  • [ 1st sending ] Email sent: Number of targets to whom the email was sent*

  • [ Replay ] Email sent: Number of targets who did not open the first email and to whom the replay was sent*

  • Emails opened: Number of emails opened on this send ( Emails put in "Lu" are not counted if not opened )

  • Open Rate: Percentage of emails opened to the number of emails sent

  • Number of recipients who clicked: Number of unique recipients who clicked on a link **

  • Click-through rate: Percentage of clicks compared to the number of emails opened **

  • Number of clicks: Unlimited number of clicks per link or recipient **

  • Number of clicks/recipients: Average number of clicks per recipient **

  • Distribution of opens: Distribution of opens in number of opens and percentage per day over the first 7 days of sending and replay. **

  • Distribution of clicks: Distribution of clicks in number of clicks and percentage per day over the first 7 days of sending and replay. **

  • Clicked item: Link related to the area clicked by the recipient **

* Taking into account blacklists.

** Click-through numbers do not consider clicks on the mirror link, the unsubscribe address link and the CNIL link in the legal conditions.

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