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OpenHealth Emailing Solution
OpenHealth Emailing Solution
Written by Théo Gomiz
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Download the presentation in PDF format:PRE-OHC 230303-Presentation Emailing Solution_TG.pdf

Our business expertise

  • An available and responsive team (e.g. emergency batch withdrawal communication)

  • Implementation according togood practice trade

  • Dissemination atgood timing

  • You are the sender

  • Provision oftracking to monitor the rate at which your targets are reached

  • Adaptation to yourdifferent themesProduct launches, TV advertising campaigns, new terms and conditions...

  • Call to actionvarious to generate returns and traffic: link to a website, form, documents, email address, toll free number etc..

The Pharmacies benchmark

  • Regular updatesemail addresses

  • A coverage rate of 98%.(Metropolitan France + Corsica + DROM COM)

  • Matching of our repository with your client pharmacies fortargeted mailings

  • Possibility to useyour sectorisation to integrate the contact details of pharmaceutical representatives / medical visitors

How a typical email campaign works

Our benchmarks

* Example of campaigns in the "Communication" category:

  • Questionnaires

  • Newsletters / circulars

  • Out-of-stock/out-of-order announcement

  • Disease prevention

  • Service / company presentation

A doubt about the definition of a term used?Discover our emailing glossary.

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