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Requirements for creating an email campaign
Requirements for creating an email campaign
Written by Théo Gomiz
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In order to facilitate the exchanges during a request for an emailing campaign, here is the list of data necessary for the creation of the proof.

FaireMandatory DataThe content* of the campaign in one of the following formats:HTML file with its image pack, the most recommended.Text file ( PDF / DOC / DOCX )Presentation ( PPT / PPTX )Spreadsheet ( XLS / XLSX )Image ( JPG / PNG ), feasible but not recommended.More information on usable formats in the AppendixThe target to which the emails are sent, for example:All pharmacies in mainland France.A defined target specific to you, requiring a Matching** with our Repository ( ex: Your "Premium" pharmacies )More information on MatchingThe internal list containing the email addresses of campaign witnesses.The desired sending date (provided you have a proof of concept validated by your teams).The subject of the emailing.The attachments* to be included.An exhaustive list of links to be integrated: web links, automatic mail, phone call ( More information on links in the appendix )* For optimal deliverability, all attachments and content should not exceed 5MB. If a file is included as an opening on a CTA ( Call To Action, Button ), it does not count towards this limit. ** If a Matching is required, please allow a minimum of 3 days between the campaign request and its sending.Recommended DataConfirmation of whether or not to send an NWR ( Non-worker Replay on D+7, Basic Included )Confirmation or not of the creation of a Tracking Report ( Campaign Statistics on D+14, Basic Included )The request or not of the creation of a Mirror Link ( Basic Included for heavy mailings )The name of the sender of the emailing ( Only the name, not the address, basic the name of the customer )Information on the different file formats that can be used. It is important to take into account that, depending on the type of format used for the creation of an email campaign, the minimum time for the creation of the BAT increases.Please respect the minimum times required between sending the documents and the desired sending date. In case of day-to-day urgency, please specify [URGENT] in the subject line of your email and/or flag it if your software allows it.When using PDF files, we recommend attaching the image pack used in order to have optimal visual quality. ( Without this pack, the images will have to be obtained via screen capture, which may pixelate and blur them )* Minimum recommended time to allow us between validation of elements and submission.Information on the integration of links, automatic emails and phone calls. Many types of links are possible to integrate:Classical link ( http or https ) redirecting to a website or a file hosted on our servers at your request. For these, indicate in the request: the location and the link."mailto" link. For these, indicate in the request: the location, the subject of the generated email, the address to which the generated email should be sent if predefined, the content of the email.Telephone link which, if the target is on a phone and/or has calling software on their computer, enters the chosen phone number. The target only has to press the call button. For these, indicate in the request: the location and the chosen number.A doubt about the definition of a term used? Discover our email marketing glossary.
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