All the characteristics of your application are available in this module

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  • The possible analysis dimensions within the application.

  • The indicators available within the application.

  • The listing of your subscribed sheets as well as their description

  • The contractual references of your application as well as its data sources.

  • The full versioning of the application sheets.

  • The description of the product scope of the application.


  • Pharmacies data: D + 1


  • Sales & Marketing

  • Territory Management

  • Use & Analtyics


Current version:

  • Removed "SPR" column from "My Products" table

  • Removed automatic email generation link in order to perform multiple SPRs.

  • Installation of the question mark icon linked to the Success article opposite.

Old versions:

  • Modification of the explanatory text concerning the Pharma and Smkt panels

  • Addition of links to Success articles providing details of the Pharma and Smkt panels

  • Enlargement of the sheet in height to set up the technical traceability table on the execution of the application chain.

  • Placement of the sheet version in the left-hand table containing the description of the sheets and deletion of the right-hand table.

  • Review of the standard versioning title.

  • Review of object placement on Medium Size Grid.

  • Variability of the GTIN and TECHNICAL CODE 2 labels (% Product)

  • Variability of the TECHNICAL CODE 2 label (% Product)

  • Variabilisation revised left part (Internal Technical Improvement)

  • Added link to MP4U

  • Adding Network dimension explaination in left part.

  • Integration in the left part of the links to the knowledge base of the Hub on the existing one.

  • Implementation of hierarchical market fields automatically in the left part of SUMMARY for productivity gain. (internal technical improvement)

  • Internal Technical Improvement about Multiple SPR mailing

  • Integration of the “Multiple SPR” mailing functionality. Note that the functionality is only visible if you select between 1 and 14 Products. Without selection nothing is visible.

  • Using a classic VizLib table Switching from 8 to 20 Qualifying fields Product fields (CQCP) integrated automatically in the "My Product" table

  • Internal Technical Improvement

  • Internal Technical Improvement

  • Implementation of the automatic technical traceability insert (right side of SUMMARY)

  • SUMMARY review with addition of the "My Products" insert, additional review of the right part "Customer Data" so that it is dynamic according to the content of the mug's traceability. Review of the positioning of the address on the Success site.

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