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GATE version 211215
GATE version 211215
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#0237 - Product Exclusion/Deactivation Management

Addition of asettings page allowing you to choose the qualification and integration methods for your new products:

#0234 - On the MAM / DPR interface, do not display the OHC_TECHNICAL_CODE_2 but the OHC_TECHNICAL_CODE_1 instead

The product table on the "Edit my markets" page displays a different traceability code.

#0242 - Have an alert system when new features are integrated into the HUB application

The left sidebar displays a KPI at the link to the markets page detailing the number of new products awaiting qualification.

#0235 - User access management

In the "My Team" page, it is now possible to click on the following logo:

It allows you to view all the rights of all your The HUB users:

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