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Automatic product reactivation (RPR auto)
Automatic product reactivation (RPR auto)

Reactivate a product in your market

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From your personal space The HUB, it is possible to reactivate a product of your market, following a previous deactivation.

It will be taken into account again in your market.

As a reminder, a product that has been deactivated beforehand results in the presence of the "Excluded products" field, visible directly via the My Query module of your The HUB application, and is assigned the "EXCLUDED" status in your The HUB database.

Users concerned

POWER USERS are those who can perform the reactivation of product(s).

They can also delegate this task to MIDDLE USER.

The procedure to give rights on a market to a MIDDLE USER is mentioned in the article: "How to create, modify or delete a user account on The HUB?

Reactivate one or more products

To reactivate one or more products, you just have to :

1 - Go to your deactivated products (view deactivated products)

To view directly the deactivated products, there are 2 methods:

Either click on the KPI "NUMBER OF GTIN DESCAVED" (green box below)

Or select the "EXCLUDED" mode in the "EXCLUDED PRODUCTS" field (purple box below):

2 - Then click either :

On the symbol "validate" in front of the product you wish to reintegrate (blue box below)

On the cross at the top right of the table to reintegrate all the products in one click (orange box below)

If you wish to reintegrate a part of the deactivated products (for example here: 400 out of 570), then you must select the desired products using the different fields (GTIN, MARKETS, SEGMENTS, COMPANIES...)

AUTO RPR process times

An Auto Product Reactivation performed from your login area must follow several steps before being visible on your application The HUB:

1 - Making the change

2 - Synchronization of your request with your market database (once a day)

3 - Processing the Product Reactivation (once a day)

4 - Reloading your application (once a day)

The maximum processing time for your application is 3 days.

To go further

  • Integration of new products (IPR)

  • Modification of modalities assignment (MAM)

  • Deactivation of products (DPR)

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