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Your level of experience The HUB
Your level of experience The HUB
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An experience bar is present on the homepage when you log in to The HUB. It allows you to define your comfort level on the HUB.


A maximum of 100 points can be earned by the user (25 points between the different levels).

The experience level is defined by default as follows:

  • 25 points pertasks entered in the Activity Log (market modification, user creation...) on your HUB (1 task = 1 point)

  • 25 points percreation of favourites (1 favourite = 1 point)

    25 points perchange in your market: MAM, IPR, DPR (1 operation = 1 point)

  • 25 points permonths of service (1 month = 1 point)

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