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Connection assistance: I am getting an error message
Connection assistance: I am getting an error message
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1. "You're not authorized to access on this page".

This message appears when The HUB homepage remains open for a period of time without action. It locks automatically for security reasons. A simpledisconnection/reconnection can solve it.

2. "Bad Gateway

If you use a shortcut to access the HUB, you may receive the message "Bad Gateway".

We recommend that you use a shortcut

Explanation:The "/app" suffix redirects you to your market access interface, which requires you to be logged in with a user accountIf you for some reason have been logged out of your account (if your browser cache has been cleared for example), the shortcut you created will not work, causing this "Bad Gateway".

3. "Lost connection".

If you get the following error message, it means that your computer has lost its connection to our services:

We invite you to check that you comply with theconnection requirements at the HUB and then atrefresh your page and/or youdisconnect and reconnect.

If the problem persists :

We invite you toclear your browser's cache and reconnect.

4. "Error: Azure Request Error..."

If you log on to have the message "Error: Azure Request Error"It is important toclear your browser's cache.

5. "Invalid token

This message may appear when you try to reset your password. Be sure to use the last email you received, because if you make multiple requests to reset your password, the last link will cancel and replace the previous ones.

6. "Error - Calculation time expired".

  • You may encounter the following message:

We advise you to select in advance the products you wish to analyse on the "My Query"within the limit of200 products.

  • If you are in the case of a data extraction on theOn Demand Table over a period of time longer than one month (QTR, YTD, MAT, MQT ...), we advise you to carry out your extraction in two stages.

    First, go month by month, then wait for the data to be displayed, then add the desired time period in a second step.

    This will allow the application to perform the pre-calculation necessary to display the indicator.

    Example on the On Demand Table module:For your market "Market 1" you want to know theDN byGTIN on the YTD to the end of July 2022.

    We advise you to select your Product and GTIN dimension, the ND Pha indicator, and then select the months that make up your YTD to the end of July 2022 (January, February, March, April, May, June, July).

    So you will post the ND Pha to the GTIN, month by month (January to July 2022).

    Once the data is displayed you can add the time period YTD to the end of July 2022 and you will not encounter the error message.

If the messages persist :

Do not hesitate to contact our Customer Success Center For more effective treatment, please indicate :

  • The name of the user concerned

  • Application and module concerned

  • A complete screenshot of the observation (URL, error message, etc.)

  • The date and time of the observation

  • Browser used (and version)

  • Operating system (e.g. Windows 10)

  • Network used for the connection (company network, home connection [Fibre or ADSL connected to your company network in VPN or not], 4G...)

  • If relevant, the circumstances in which you encountered the problem (e.g. after X minutes of inactivation)

  • If possible: available RAM and CPU and percentage of use

  • List of other software running on the computer

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