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I have a "Connection lost" error message
I have a "Connection lost" error message

An error has occurred

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If you get the following error message, it means that your station has lost its connection to our services:

How to fix it:

We invite you to check that you respect the prerequisites for connecting to the Hub then to disconnect and reconnect.

If the problem persists:

We invite you to clear your browser cache and log back in.

If the error is still there:

The problem may be with the network or the computer you are using to connect to the Hub. So that we can help you, we invite you to contact us by giving us the following information:

  • Affected user

  • Exact time you encountered the problem

  • Application and module concerned

  • Circumstances in which you encountered the problem (ex: after X minutes of inactivation)

  • Network used for the connection (company network, home connection [Fiber or ADSL connected to your company network with VPN or not], 4G ...)

  • Browser used (and version)

  • Operating system (ex: Windows 10)

  • RAM and CPU available and percentage of use

  • List of other software running on the computer

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