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Distribution Smoothed stock value
Distribution Smoothed stock value
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For a given product, the stockist value distribution compares the stockist pharmacies' value sales to the market value sales,on all days of the month.


Distribution stockist value = sales value of stockist pharmacies over the month / sales value of the market

Butit would be incorrect :

  • to sum the distributions of several references, as it is possible (and highly probable) that the same pharmacy sells several products within the scope under consideration, not relating to the duplication of referencing.

  • averaging the distributions of several references, as this is not representative. As a minimum, for a selection of products, the distribution is the largest value of the observed distributions and is generally higher.


For product A, a stockist value distribution of 50% means that the stockist pharmacies of the month represent 50% of the market value sales.


For a selection of products, a pharmacy is considered to be a stockist if it stocks at least 1 product from the selection during the month.


The stock value distribution can be written as DVS. It is translated into English as Weighted distribution Stock or WD Stock.
The smoothed stock value distribution can be written asSmoothed SVR. It is translated into English bySmoothed Weighted Distribution Stock orSmoothed WD Stock.


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This indicator can only be viewed on a monthly basis. It is therefore normal that it does not appear in YTD or MAT.

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