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Product Integration (IPR auto)
Product Integration (IPR auto)

Request the integration of a product in your market

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From your personal space at The HUB, you can directly integrate a product (IPR auto) into your market.

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To directly integrate a product (IPR auto), you only need to :

1 - Go to the "Modify my market" (Modifier mon marché) tab (red box)

2 - Click on "Request the integration of a product" (Demander l'intégration d'un produit) at the top right of your screen (green box).

This redirects you directly to the ticket creation area with the type of request ("Support: Product Integration (IPR)") and the market already pre-filled.

In the "Request details", you will find all the fields present in your database.

You will have to fill them in in order to directly assign the product with the desired modalities.

For example :

To know how to fill in a ticket, please follow the procedure mentioned below: how to create and follow up tickets?

Deadlines for visibility in the HUB

48 hours after entering the IPR request in the case of an existing reference in our data sources, but not yet integrated into your market

7 days after entering the IPR request in the case of a complete reference creation (GTIN code not referenced in our data sources).

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