GTIN code (Global Trade Item Number)

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The GTIN code (Global Trade Item Number) is derived from the international GTIN standard and the GS1 standard associated with its use. The GTIN is presented in the health sector under 13 or 14 digits. If the GTIN code 13 represents the trade item, the GTIN code 14 - by its first digit - provides information on the logistical support or grouping that contains the item - carton or pallet for example. The GTIN 14 is therefore composed of this first digit called "indicator" and the GTIN 13 for the commercial item. The indicator has a value between 1 and 9. The 0 indicates an undefined value for the indicator.

References on GS1 GTIN coding rules (GS1 articles) :


EAN, ("European Article Number") is the old - obsolete - European product code standard (which had itself succeeded the "GENCOD" in France). It has been replaced by the GTIN for several years.

The GTIN is the only international standard in force.

Please note that "EAN" also refers to the barcode font on the boxes of products sold in pharmacies.

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