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Digital distribution stockist rebased
Digital distribution stockist rebased

Stock Numeric Distribution Rebased

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The principle of rebasing is to refine your comparison universe. Your comparator is no longer the whole of the pharmacy universe (case of a "classic" distribution), but a specific variation of your market that you can define.

For a given product, the rebased digital distribution stockist compares the number of stockist pharmacies of your selection, not with the number of total stockist pharmacies, all products combined, but with the number of stockist pharmacies of a variation of your market.


Digital distribution stockist rebased =
Number of stockist pharmacies of your selection
Number of stockist pharmacies of your market variation
The interpretation of a rebased distribution of less than 5% should be taken with caution.


A product A belongs to the nebulizer segment.
You do not want to calculate your ratio on all the products stored in pharmacies, but only on pharmacies stocking nebulizers.

Product A is stocked in 4,000 pharmacies for a given month.
8,000 pharmacies have stocked a nebulizer for the same month.

So, the rebased digital distribution of product A by 50% (4,000 / 8,000), means that one in two pharmacy stocking nebulizers has stocked product A.


The rebased digital stockist distribution can be written as DNS Rebased. It is translated into English by Rebased Stock Numeric distribution or Stock ND Rebased.


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The vision of this indicator can only be done monthly. It is therefore normal not to see it appear in YTD or MAT.

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