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Global Rebased Selling Digital Distribution
Global Rebased Selling Digital Distribution

Global Numeric Distribution Rebased

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The principle of rebaser is to refine your comparison universe.

Your comparator is no longer the whole of the pharmacy universe (case of a "classic" distribution), but a specific variation of your market that you can define.

The notion of having a global applies to fixed periods, making it possible to know the ratio of pharmacies that have sold your selection of products over the entire period studied.

For a given product, the global rebased selling digital distribution compares the number of pharmacies selling in your selection, not with the number of pharmacies selling total all products combined, but with the number of pharmacies selling 'a variation of your market.

A rebased indicator allows you to work on a particular market segment in which you would be present.

To do this, you rebase your market from the Market Definition sheet, the operating mode of which you will find in the article below:


Rebase selling digital distribution global = Number of pharmacies selling your selection over your study period / Number of pharmacies selling your market variation during your study period

The interpretation of a rebased distribution of less than 5% should be taken with caution.


A product A belongs to the nebulizer segment.
You do not want to calculate your ratio on all the products sold in pharmacies, but only on pharmacies dispensing nebulizers.

Product A is sold:

  • In 4,000 pharmacies in month 1

  • 5,000 in month 2

  • And 3.800 in month 3

In total for the quarter, 6,000 separate pharmacies sold product A.

6,500 pharmacies sold a nebulizer in month 1,

7,500 in month 2

And 7,000 in month 3.

In total for the quarter, 8,000 different pharmacies sold a nebulizer.

So, the rebased global selling digital distribution of Product A of 75% (6,000 / 8,000), means that 3 out of 4 pharmacies selling nebulizers sold Product A in the quarter.


Global Rebased Selling Digital Distribution can be written as "Global Rebased DNV".

It is translated into English as "Global Rebased Numeric Distribution" or Global ND Rebased ".

Geographic sectorization / Customer type

In this case, the referent for your total number of selling pharmacies is that of the geographic sectorization modality or of the Customer Type studied.

For example, your product is sold in 600 pharmacies in a geographic area in which 1,000 pharmacies have sold a product in your market segment during the same period.

Your DNV will then be 60% (600 pharmacies selling your product out of 1,000 pharmacies selling all products in your market segment).

Geographic territories

Metropolitan France except Corsica




You can study the indicator in 3 ways:

  • Aggregated on all the territories you follow,

  • Individually for each territory,

  • Aggregated in your geographic sectorization.


Provision of Corsica-Monaco-DROM-COM data:

  • From the 15th of each month following the last month due


Interpretation of the indicator for Monaco studied individually (not aggregated with other territories):

  • Given the disparity of pharmacies in this territory, precautions should be taken on the interpretation of the indicator when you study this territory alone


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