The Gini index is a synthetic indicator of sales inequalities (value or volume). It varies between 0 and 1.

It is equal to 0 in a situation of perfect equality where all pharmacies would achieve the same turnover on the studied market.

Conversely, a Gini index equal to 1 would indicate the most unequal situation possible where a single pharmacy alone would achieve all the sales on the market.


A drop in the Gini index observed between two dates indicates an overall decrease in inequalities. Conversely, an increase in the index reflects an overall increase in inequalities.


Either a global pharmacy activity, all markets combined, with a Gini index equal to 0.4 over a given period,
Or a market studied with a Gini index of 0.7 over the same period.

Thus, over the period studied, the market studied shows more disparities than the overall pharmacy activity.


The Gini index can be translated into English by Gini index.


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