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Trigramme: ANP




The average number of products indicator makes it possible to estimate the shelf shares of each product in GSA pharmacies and parapharmacy:

  • Calculate the average number of references in the selling points of sale

  • Benchmark the average number of references with the number of selling pharmacies and the number of selling drugstores

This module is for you if:

  • You carry out trade marketing actions in pharmacies or drugstores

  • Your products are freely accessible

Data sources

Geographic territories

  • Metropolitan France data

  • Corsica



  • No limitation on the size of the markets

  • Applicable to human medicinal products, veterinary medicinal products and non-medicinal products



Sales & Marketing Advanced
Option Average Number of Products

Objects found in the sheet

  • Functional cartridge

  • Time buttons

  • Calendar choice button

  • Company selector

  • Hierarchical selector

  • 'Share of Sales' object

  • Object 'Gini Index'

  • Object 'GIni Index Analysis'

Indicators & measures

  • Average Number of Products

  • Number of pharmacies

  • Number of parapharmacies

  • Share of Assortment


  • International data on request




Current version:

  • Addition of the "Data Input" Warning within the traceability cartridge

Old versions

  • Fix for the modality selector (placement of the v_DimSelect_Avg_Ref variable) (Internal Technical Improvement) for interactivity with the Combo Chart

  • Review of the positioning of the bar-graph in height.

  • Modification of the previous automation of the hierarchical fields selector to no longer have to do any manipulation when updating the App (dynamic value) (Internal Technical Improvement).

  • Modification of the display mode selector with addition of hierarchical fields qualifying the market, automatically.

Average Number of Products v1908091455

  • Fix for the link button to the success site

  • Added 'Share of Assortment' indicator


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