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E-parapharmacies: monitoring platforms
E-parapharmacies: monitoring platforms
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Value proposition :

The OpenHealth E-para barometer gives you the data you need to work on your e-commerce strategy by providing market context and analyses such as :

  • What are the trends in your markets?

  • How are you and your competitors positioned in relation to the pharmacy channel?

  • Which sites perform best in your market segments?

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General description :

This 1st edition provides a 1st accurate assessment of the reality of this market (platform ranking, category mix, brand ranking by platform, etc.).

Markets analysed: CPAL, Skin Care (Facial Care, Body Care, Sun Care, Other Care), Oral Hygiene, Aromatherapy.

Type of data :

Traffic / Sales in the E-para market.

Markets :

  • Scope: all health and beauty products

Time period(s) :

  • History available: 2022 / 2023

  • Granularity: Brand

  • Back data management: regular modelling reviews are carried out

Reference data used :


Other details (specificities / limitations...) :

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