Do you want to expand your market in order to monitor the performance of your products and / or competing products not included in your current subscriptions?

To do this, simply go to the " Modify my market " tab then click on " I want to expand my market "at the top right of your screen:

1 - Geographical sources and Territory

First, please indicate the sources desired and the geographic areas to be covered:

2 - Markets

You just have to select the desired product classes in the HUB application: MP4U .

More than 775,000 products are managed there by OpenHealth, ie all of the products sold in pharmacy and drugstore circuits.

If you do not have access to it, contact our Customer Success Center: csc @

3 - Subscription and Custom options

Finally, specify the desired subscription and the personalized options you want to benefit from:

With these elements, you can send a request for quotation by email to our Customer Success Center .

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